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[ Speed Gear User opinions ]


I passed by this program dozens of times so the other day just out of boredom I had a look at it. WOW!! My 433 mhz processor is behaving like an 800 mhz and I feel like I've bought a new computer. Don't be fooled by the simple interface -this is REALLY POWERFUL STUFF. Gains are as great as overclocking but without the risk. Windows open automatically, games play fast and I can do things on my computer like have transparency without losing too much power. When you buy this you have to send in your machine code to get it registered as well as pay. The guy who made this knows it's worth.


"Super Fast"
Every so often the program will lock up my computer system (once a day maybe); but the speed increase in Windows more than makes up for its instability. Throttle it to the fastest speed setting and stop waiting for Windows to catch up. I paid for version 3.0 (used 3.0 for months) and got the new 5.0 version for free from the company. Worth every penny.


"This program is awesome"
This program is awesome. No doubt. If your comp suffers from crashes, then you have the speed set to high. This is kind of a hack for games. It cause your units or unit (first person) to move faster then those around you. Other then making it unfair in games, this program has raised my computer's speed greatly.


"Seems to accelerate Flash Graphics"
This is an ok program that seemed to accelerate the 'flash graphics' (advertisements) on web pages. It appeared to marginally increase my the time it took for my Windows Start=>Programs Menu to display the available programs on my computer. I did receive several errors while exiting my browser that the Program Manager or Server was busy, and one error that a script could not be run, but that could be because I had this program set at its fastest speed. I believe that it would greatly increase the speed at which graphics are displayed on games, but haven't tested it out. I think if you are looking for a quick fix because of low system memory, this is a decent program, but the same effect could be achieved by adding more memory to your computer.


"Increased windows performance by a great deal"
I found Speeder XP (Speed Gear formerly called Speeder XP) as one of my parents is an archietect using AutoCAD and he told me that ht program increased windows performance by a great deal, especially the loading time of larger drawing.


"The BEST"
You know I have many of softwares that suppose to move the computer to a top speed, but this one is the best that I have seen and also makes a difference. Thanks again.
-rt51 & Stacy Terrell


Oh my god its SOOOOOOOOOOOOOO COOL when I use it in game I run 3 times faster than player without Speeder XP (Speed Gear formerly called Speeder XP) since I use it I never lose!
-sebdj (Germany)


"It perfect! I can't believe it before I try it..."
I tried the speeder XP (Speed Gear formerly called Speeder XP) and I found that it is realy helpfull when I want to go from site to the other and it opens the web very fast realy.
-yahya ali maswadi (New Zealand)




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